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Social Security rules for evaluating disability and your work history are very technical and complicated. Social Security does not require a person to be represented by an attorney. However, the government’s own figures show that benefits are awarded far more frequently to claimants with attorneys than those who chose to handle their claims without the assistance of an attorney. Furthermore, the hearing before an administrative law judge is considered a legal proceeding.

Every case is different. The role of an attorney depends on the particular facts of each case. Attorneys in Social Security Disability cases in the Allenton area do much more than sit in a hearing and ask a few questions. Much pre-hearing preparation, analysis and evidence gathering go into adequate representation for each case.

At Kassin & Carrow, LLC, Social Security Disability is all we do. We bring you more than 30 years of experience in disability law and Social Security claims in Ellisville, MO. Since 1992, our practice has been limited to representing individuals in cases involving Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits. We are also sustaining members of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Represenatives.

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If you are unable to work due to medical or mental health issues, fill out the form to the right. You may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Our job is to represent you. We know what must be done to protect claimants’ rights, comply with the applicable time limitations, and maximize the chances of recovering an award of benefits. Throughout the entire process, we will be available to assist you, answer your questions, and provide an explanation of the Social Security rules and procedures.

At Kassin & Carrow, LLC we want to help you get the benefits that you deserve. Our attorneys Martin T. Carrow, II, Christopher D. Syrup, Dawna M. Hale, and John R. Nelson, are available for office or telephone consultations at NO COST TO YOU. We can usually do everything by phone, e-mail or fax... And you only pay attorneys' fees if YOU WIN YOUR CASE.

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